In line with the keep increasing automation demands characterising the industry, today we manufacture fully automated single-purpose machines, frequently with robot-aided services, quality checking processes, which in increasing number of cases are integrated in production control systems and collect technological and manufacturing parameters into databases. Automation of work processes meeting unique demands, creation of automatic machines require careful design and substantial expertise, where technology, engineering, electricity and information technology form a harmonic unit.
The digitalized machines developed and manufactured by us offer the following advantages:

  • savings in manpower
  • higher productivity and machine availability
  • increased manufacturing volume
  • energy savings
  • forward production planning
  • more effective health and safety solutions
  • greater workplace safety
  • faster change between product types and workflows
  • top quality technology data collection and production monitoring
Autóipari automatizálás

Successfully finalised projects in the automobile industry:

  • assembler
  • automated checking machine lines
  • measuring / testing robots
  • (semi and fully) automated machines, equipments
  • robot-aided systems
  • camera-aided checking systems