Our company has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic power supplies according to individual needs more than 30 years and energy saving, environmentally friendly technology just as increased service life has been key aspects during the preparation of these. Both custom-designed required for various industrial application and produced following the DIN/ISO standard cylinders are included in our product range.



In terms of size, we produce power supplies that can be classified into mini, medium and large categories and can be made in pre-manufactured, specific-sized, aluminum and plate tank design, as well as in form and size designed in accordance with the specific demands of the equipment. The equipment of the hydraulic power supply is determinded by the functional and technological needs of the mechanical equipment it operates. The power supplies’ standard equipment determinded by technology contain the pump unit, the level indicator, the temperature sensor, the filter unit with clogging indicator, cooling unit, the valve block and the valves and the electrical control unit needed to the functioning. The modular construction of the power supplies enables the subsequent installation of the accessories. Our systems assembled by premium category elements always offer the most optimal solution. In the need of individually designed power supply, contact us for solution suggestions from our engineers.



In our product range we proffer both custom-designed required for various industrial application and produced following the DIN/ISO standard. We developed that basic cylinder based on the experience of past three decades which is characterized by high reliability, long service life and environmentally friendly technology. We apply such sealing systems that are able to ensure the absence of leaking in a long term, therefore our environmental impact is low. The forther components – grooved pipe, hard chrome plated rod, piston and rod seal, screws, commercially available, standard sized elements – the product of market leading manufacturers. Before the cylinders delivery and installation, these undergo cyclic running and pressure tests with the company’s own design and implementation final acceptance test equipment which records the measured data and issues a certificate upon request at the end of the test. Not only designs and produces the unique or standard cylinders, but our company also monitors these operation. In the case of a malfunction, it diagnoses the error and corrects it. Our service engineers undertake the diagnoctics, condition survey and repair of the cylinders with modern technology.

In the need of individual or basic, one or more cylinder, contact our co-workers, they will help you in the following topics:

  • design
  • production
  • development
  • diagnostics, inspection, survey
  • modernization
  • repair (we repair nearly 1000 cylinders annually, from mini to multi-ton)
  • other service
  • comprehensive cylinder management for companies (unique identifier, monitor lifeway, construction development, drawing documentation, maintenance, repair, etc.)